In 2018 there were 68 restaurants in the Campania region selected by the Espresso Guide of the Restaurants of Italy. This year there are 73. A good sign for the cuisine of our region.

No votes, no stars, but “hats”

In Naples, two hats go to the restaurant Il Comandante Romeo and one respectively to the restaurant of Hotel Parker’s George, Palazzo Petrucci and Veritas.
Three more hats are distributed between the province of Avellino (Marrennà in Sorbo Serpico and Oasis Sapori Antichi in Vallesaccarda) and Castellammare where Piazzetta Milù confirms.

In the province of Salerno a hat goes to Pappacarbone and Casa Rispoli in Cava de ‘Tirreni, Casa del Nonno 13 in Mercato San Severino, Cetaria and Thinking to you in Baronissi, Brezza Marina, the Tre Olivi del Savoy Beach and Osteria Arbustico in Capaccio, Poppy at Eboli and Locanda Severino at Caggiano.

In the province of Naples a hat in Cieddì in Portici, Caracol of the Cala Moresca hotel in Bacoli, Josè Restaurant and Tenuta Guerra in Torre del Greco, La Galleria in Gragnano, the President in Pompeii, the Roji Japan Fusion Restaurant in Nola, the restaurant South of Marianna Vitale in Quarto and Taverna Vesuviana in San Gennaro Vesuviano

In the province of Avellino a hat respectively at Il Vecchio Mulino 1834 in Castelfranci and at the Megaron restaurant in Paternopoli.

Three other hats are distributed between the province of Benevento and that of Caserta: Il Foro dei Baroni in Puglianello, Vairo al Volturno in Vairano Patenora and Le Colonne di Rosanna Marziale in Caserta city.

 Nino Di Costanzo is one of the few top chefs in Italy “. In Campania to no more than four. A single “Cappello d’oro”, the symbol that consecrates the New Classics, is attributed to Alfonso laccarino, the most popular of the Campania chefs in the world. But the Guide explains its record by illustrating the exemplary collaboration of his family, “capable of welcoming heads of state and normal enthusiasts with the same warmth in the restaurant and elegant suites”. Four “Hats” awarded to “Danì Maison”, the restaurant of the multi-starred chef Nino Di Costanzo in Ischia defined as “a champion, a beautiful soul and free spirit, who transformed the family home into a small world, testimony for Ischia, the art, the environment “. A special mention for its pasta and beans prepared with the particular bagpipe bean: an Ischian product that has recently obtained the ministerial recognition of local agri-food product. Two hats also for another Ischitian in love with his land: Pasquale Palamaro chef of the “Indaco” at the Regina Isabella di Lacco Ameno. Proving that Ischia is a place where you can eat well are the awards for La Cucina del Monastero (Hotel Il Monastero), La Lampara restaurant of the Hotel Miramare and Castello, Il Mosaico (Manzi Terme) and Umberto a Mare, all with a hat. Four hats also for Kresios in Telese Terme (here a hat goes to the Locanda del Borgo of the Hotel Acquapetra Resort) and those of Brusciano of the Taverna Estia. In the Sorrento Peninsula after Don Alfonso, at the top for the Espresso in Campania, there are the three hats of Torre del Saracino, Gennaro Esposito, the Quattro Passi restaurant and the Taverna del Capitano. And to follow the two hats of the Antica Osteria Donna Rosadello, chef Peppe Guida, the Bikini and the Maxi of Capo la Gala. With a Relais Blu hat, L’Accanto of the Angiolieri hotel and Villa Chiara Orto and Cucina. In Sorrento, two hats were awarded to the Bouquet Terrace of the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria and a hat respectively to the restaurants’ O Canonico, Caruso, Il Buco and the Antica Trattoria. A hat also to Don Geppi in Sant’Agnello. In Capri, two hats go to L’Olivo del Capri Palace and to the Rendez Vous del Quisisana. A hat at the Da Tonino restaurant, at the JKitchen of the J.K. Palce Capri, at Le Monzù of Punta Tragara and Mammà. In Positano, a hat goes to the Zass restaurant at the Hotel San Pietro, the La Serra restaurant at the Hotel Le Agavi, and La Sponda del Sirenuse respectively. In Amalfi he won two hats the Antonio Carino restaurant La Caravella, which is confirmed as one of the leading restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, while a hat was assigned for the second consecutive year to Sensi Restaurant whose cuisine is entrusted to the creativity of the young Alessandro Tormolino . Two hats also at the Refettorio of the Convent of Santa Rosa of Conca dei Marini by Bob Christoph, at the Pan Flute of the Villa Cimbrone hotel in Ravello and at the Lighthouse of Capo d’Orso in Maiori which represents a corner of great French cuisine on the Amalfi Coast thanks to Pierfranco Ferrara’s experience and extraordinary interpretative ability. In Cetara, which is confirmed as a temple of taste in the name of the casting, a hat was assigned to the Al Convento restaurants of Pasquale Torrente and San Pietro by Franco Tammaro and the chef Bruno Milano respectively. A hat also King Maurì, the restaurant of Lloyd’s Baia in Vietri Sul Mare.