Real Madrid against Liverpool. It is the most beautiful Champion’s final that could be predicted. They are two teams that have made the history of football of the old continent. For Real it is the umpteenth final, Liverpool the last time in the final won against AC Milan thirteen years ago. The match in Kiev in a stadium with thousands of English and Spaniards is very technical. The two teams are feared and are very united, covered. The game is firmly in the hands of the Madridists, but for the entire first half they fail to materialize. There are no serious dangers for any of the two goalkeepers. Second half with a real choc start. At the 47 minute pole of the Real. At 50 minute instead clamorous duck of Liverpool’s pyortiere. With his hands he tries a throw but it hits Benzema and ends in goal. It is the net of the blancos advantage. At 54 minutes Liverpool equalized with a great header from Mane. But Real Madrid with a sudden change in front, a cross from Marcelo and a goal in reverse of Bale returns in the lead. A goal that of Gareth Bale from anthology, from Champions League final: wonderful! We try to recover Liverpool but it seems that the team of Zidane has finally carburized and at 83 ‘Gareth Bale signed the double of 3-1. Real is again Champion.