Ischia with its myths, legends and characters that populate it will travel up and down between Pozzuoli and Casamicciola thanks to Giulia, the new ship Medmar. A fantastic series of tables dedicated to the island created specifically for the salons of Giulia da Ada Natale, a good Neapolitan illustrator, will make the trip to the sea a unique and original experience. An explosion of colors with the sea in the foreground make Giulia a unique. Outside the social livery is classic and elegant in white and blue
86 meters long, slightly less than 17 meters wide, “Giulia” is capable of carrying 786 passengers and over 100 cars. Giulia is equipped with 4 engines and is therefore capable of reaching a speed of over 16 and a half miles.
The latest arrival in the Medmar house – after a long and careful restyling work – is a comfortable and beautiful ship: it has a lift that connects the garage with the halls – three, distributed between the Ischia and Epomeo bridges – and that allows maximum usability even for passengers with reduced mobility and also boasts a play area and nursery with baby changing table for baby passengers, free wifi and a modern air conditioning system. The arrival of this new ship on the route to the island of Ischia leads on one side a breath of creativity, fantasy through an art journey, on the other it represents a further step in the process of consolidation and growth of Medmar Navi, which in recent weeks has joined Elite of Borsa Italiana, the international service platform created in collaboration with Confindustria, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Bocconi University and investment funds that supports Italian companies of excellence in development projects and expansion. Thanks to the new ship, Medmar will carry out approximately 10,000 rides this year to and from Ischia, ensuring maritime mobility and will implement its own social fleet, which currently has 9 vessels, including ships and fast motorboats, also engaged in special maritime transport.