The great beauty of football, or Naples. He managed to give emotions to a championship as always already written. He showed what really is good football and has won fans everywhere in the world, even without winning titles. The harmony, the affection among the boys of Napoli in this league was total: if anyone had any doubt, just look at the tears of Insigne, desperation of Allan after Fiorentina-Naples to change his mind.
Without money. Without power, without subjection, without connections and without enslavements.
Against the chorus choirs that accompanied Naples throughout the season and not just this year: the last in order of time in Genoa during Sampdoria – Naples that convinced the referee Gavillucci to suspend the game for several minutes.
The biggest satisfaction was going out – especially from those stadiums populated by a large slice of people that define fans is a euphemism – with the 3 points, deservedly won on the field. A ride that puts Napoli today only 4 points from the first and a good 14 from the third in the standings. The most beautiful victory: the one against Juventus, obviously, at Allianz Stadium thanks to Koulibaly’s goal, which will remain in history.
Juventus football: the importance of economic power, political … and arbitration. Regret, doubts, suspicions. Especially after Inter – Juventus on 28 April.
Thus a meeting was born, a denunciation, civil, but firm that involves the best expressions of the Neapolitan civil society that will be held at the Parker’s Hotel in Naples – Vittorio Emanuele, 135 – Tuesday 22 May at 3 pm.

An extraordinary parterre, made up of people of great depth, who immediately accepted the invitation to give their testimony in favor of “Il Calcio a colori”:
Ciro Borriello, Councilor for Sports, Municipality of Naples
Francesco Pinto, Head of the RAI TV Production Center in Naples
Catello Maresca, Anti-Mafia Magistrate
Sandro Ruotolo, Journalist
Maurizio de Giovanni, Writer
Maurizio Cortese, Gourmet CEO Cortese Way
Moderator: Valter De Maggio, director of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli
The organization comes from a shared idea of ​​Maurizio de Giovanni, Maurizio Cortese and Valter De Maggio.