From China with fervor, but never forgetting the Naples and its Napoli: Fabio Cannavaro tells the latest news on his working life. The former defender of the national team, currently playing as a technician at Quanjian Tianjin, China in fact, in a recent interview he talked about his experience in the East, letting go even though some comments on the current situation in Italian football.
“The Naples at this time can embarrass anyone,” he said, referring in particular to the challenge that sees the Blues committed against Real Madrid.
And speaking of the Champions League, than the Cardiff final second Cannavaro, Italy is well represented right from Naples, as well as by Juventus: “Juve have definitely more possibilities. But Napoli have a competitive squad last year. We have two good teams. ” It is not ruled out that a Fabio day back at home after the Chinese experience: “Here I have the chance to gain experience in the field. I can make mistakes and learn, one day I can do it in Europe, and I have to find me ready. ” In short, he wants to return but with spirit and different preparation: “I would not make the mistake to return as successful even to other young people. When I return I hope to go back to being ready for our football. ” About economic speeches, Cannavaro also responds to those who think that he chose to go to the East only for money: “I think in any job you take into account an economic proposal, but the first time I did not go there just for that. The President asked me to win right away and for a coach, you can have the possibility of having players available to win is a great fortune”.