“Asterix and the Race of Italy” is the thirty-seventh album dedicated to the adventures of the two characters, the result of the genius of Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny: the blond-haired blonde Asterix, his friend as much as good as Obelix and his faithful friend four legs Idefix. In Italy, the album was released by Panini Comics in a double version. The first version of “Asterix and the race of Italy” is a regular 48-page carton with a cost of 12.90 euros; the second is a deluxe version of 128 pages rich in special content at a cost of 34.0 euros.

After almost sixty years of the first comic book publishing by the screenwriter Goscinny and the designer Uderzo, Asterix and Obelix arrive for the first time in Italy to participate in a race of bigheets anticipating what will be the future spirit of the cycling tour of the ‘ Italy. The competition starts with Modicia, the current Monza, to end in Neapolis (Naples) at the foot of Vesuvius Mons, Mount Vesuvius. The two cocks that make the romans go crazy this time also are the protagonists of hilarious plots and comic gags that somehow show that in Cesary and Caesar Italy there were more Italic than Roman, and then it was not easy to do it now getting along. Beautiful scene like an Obelix on a spin after having a wild boar stops the eruptive mouth of a Vesuvius running out into a huge boulder with the only force of his arms. The gesture blocks the spill of magma and convinces a group of speculators to give the “la” in Pompeii to a luxury parcel at the foot of the volcano. So in just one shot the two most amusing and famous Gauls in the world (their businesses have been sold and translated into 130 countries around the world) put us in front of the drama of the most dangerous volcano of the earth where they built homes up to the top cone.