Antonio Borriello, 27 years old in Torre del Greco, is the chef at Westin Financial Street in Beijing, one of the most appreciated restaurants in the financial district of the Chinese capital. Together with other Italian chefs, he will participate in the Week of Italian Cuisine in China, a gastronomic event scheduled from November 20 to 26 in Beijing. Aim: to beat the World Record of Pasta Tasting.

To try to enter the guinness world record, Antonio will propose seafood spaghetti prepared according to Neapolitan traditional recipe. “I have chosen a plate of my land because I am proud of my origins and I recognize the absolute primacy of Italian cuisine,” the coral chef proudly says. Along with him, other Italian colleagues from the Italian Cuochi Association, who will hang in the mushroom butterflies and pens with Amatrice’s pillow.

Cross fingers for Antonio Borriello, flag of Torre del Greco: the young chef has formed in Italy but has been working for two years in China. It is her first time at the Italian Food Week in China, event that came to the second edition and promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with Mipaaf and The extraordinary taste: provided seminars, cooking classes and tastings to let the Chinese know the best of the made in Italy in the agri-food sector and to enhance the territories and routes of Italian culinary art.