The traditional end-of-season dinner at Villa D’Angelo is renewed, with the enchanting scenery overlooking the Gulf. Naples found itself for the end of year dinner and to celebrate a beautiful season crowned with the historical record of points and entry into the Champions League.

In a climate of serenity and enthusiasm, President De Laurentiis addressed his speech to the blue protagonists:

“Starting from Maurizio Sarri and arriving to you all of the team and the technical staff, I thank you for this great season that I describe as a” Great Beauty “.

“You have been the protagonists of a spectacular football, noticed and appreciated not only in Italy but all over the world.What you have done will remain forever in the history of Napoli Football, and I am grateful to you”.

“You deserve all the dreams you have in the drawer, and my thanks go also to all those who work in Naples and who have provided their precious contribution Maurizio Sarri was the author and sculptor of this great beauty”