On paper there is no better game. Too big a difference in quality between Napoli and Lazio. Also the motivation. Frosinone already relegated, barring improbable twists already in Naples Champions. In 60 thousand to São Paulo. To greet the Nice Blues Championship. And for pushing Higuain nets record as top scorer. Very high-paced game. With Napoli pushing now to make goals, always focusing on Higuain, but the Frosinone isn’t to Wade and scares off guard. Per minute 12 ejected for a foul from behind on Gori distinguished and for saying something to the referee. For this match Frosinone is uphill. Naples goes close to scoring several times. It’s a siege at the door of Frosinone. With Callejon that on three occasions takes on goal with the goalie who performs in beautiful parades. Insigne instead takes a cross. Heroic defence of Frosinone resistance against a Napoli grinding game, creates balls by gol Repeater but can’t make goals. At 43 minutes comes the goal. Is Hamsik that broke the deadlock with a shot at the net on cross of Ghoulam. The second half starts with Napoli always on offense and at least two players on that system Frosinone Higuain. Gonzalo at 7 minute goes online. Great action of Allan, cross in the Middle, Pipita awaiting showcases network. Are 34 goals of Argentine champion. The San Paolo goes nuts in pouring rain. The choirs are all for Hangnail that is to a goal from the record of Nordahl. Are choirs Argentines. The 17 minute Hangnail still goes in goal. Is the 35 goals in the League. Equalled Nordahl. But there’s more. There is still half an hour and the Argentine football legend can get into Italian. And Gonzalo Higuian become legend with a spectacular goal. Stop by the chest in the center of the penalty area, overturned on the fly, and goals. Per minute 71 São Paulo goes crazy with joy at his star players. Nobody had managed the feat to beat the record of Nordahl, however without having played three games through suspension. A record that lasted from 66 years. There was not even the eternal father, Diego Armando Maradona. The Agnail was really freaky. He dragged the Naples Champions. record the Nordahl. And the record of the team’s points in seria A: 82 points. Four more than the 78 Mazzarri’s team.