You begin with a minute of silence to remember both the footballer Naples Neapolitan Peppe mass, that of Inter, dead these days. Then the batch: from this result will depend on if the players of Saba will do Beagles in the championship or not.

The first 20 minutes show a beautiful Naples, always on the attack: to prevent goals a foot in great form rejecting Handanovic twice on Mertens. At 19 ‘ even takes away the ball from the door with a double parade. Makes a certain effect see ten footballers interisti crushed in their penalty area. At 35 ‘ Illustrious served as Mertens pulls but Handanovic again para. Two minutes after Koulibaly crosses all over the field, gets rid of Skryniar but not Center the door. Then he makes dangerous Inter with Borja Valero but this is Reina to Parry.

In the final minute of the first half Callejon knee some remedies a concern but the Spaniard’s recovery back to his place.

At the second minute is Inter to get dangerous with a lone foray of Vecino. Then it’s back to Naples push with a distinguished but the goal didn’t arrive. Mertens has taken a knock and he’s bleeding from the knee but goes even, makes a crazy bet and earns another corner kick.

Also tried to attack but the Inter Striker to touch the goal is 75. In Naples they enter Zielinski and Rog in place of Hamsik and Allan. A minute later he comes out even Insigne Ounas instead. The 83 ‘ shot of Zielinski but still no dice. Thereupon it Ounas trying but is mowed down in the penalty area, the Director continues. Exit also Ibi. Then is still baloccato by Skriniar is first try: Mertens, thereupon it Handanovic to oppose. Armoured door, equality between Napoli and Inter.