On the other side of the world there are many Blues fans: there’s the professor Antonio Giordano, supporter but especially renowned oncologist, researcher, Director of the Sbarro Institute For Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine of Philadelphia as well as a Professor of Pathological Anatomy and histology at the University of Siena. Will watch the game in the States with their children, as well their fans. Antonio Giordano however did more combined a passion for sport to her work and has promoted research on DNA of Napoli players to identify which genes are responsible for the success of an athlete. Not only that, it’s a research aimed to find out why some athletes are more susceptible to develop muscle damage. With Antonio Giordano professor Alfonso De Nicola, head of the medical staff SSC Napoli, Honorary Professor at the school of specialization in sports medicine at Federico II and Director of rehabilitation center Dalton at Piltown, Benevento, but also associate professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. To Dale and his staff at Napoli with Antonio Giordano is a cutting-edge collaboration for innovative studies on genetics that are important for the prevention of muscle disorders and more. A collaboration that has already borne fruit. The Naples players are the ones who have less muscle problems than those of the other teams. In fact, lab studying their DNA to identify the genes responsible for the success of an athlete. Targeted research to understand why some players complain more than other muscle damage.

Thanks to the studies made with these searches and their application the blue team takes first place even for low medium injuries.

Average injured first round in serie A: 0.11 average of injured people per game in Naples, 0.45 to 0.72 for Inter, Juve. Accident records for Bologna, on average one per game.

Media unavailable first round in serie A: in Naples 0.25 per game against Inter and Juventus 2.17 1.73. Bringing up the rear: the Verona with unavailable 3.61 per game.

The number of injuries and unavailable was absolutely irrelevant. This challenge with Juventus is already won.