Aurelio De Laurentiis, the Venice Film Festival to present his film ‘The third time’, he talked about film and Naples. “Film for my team? With Napoli we have to write the score of the championship. We will try to settle it as soon as possible, as well as that of the Champions League. I want a football evolves, gave me a visionary, then the facts they gave me reason. We will have to create a tournament that is more important than the Champions League. Incorporate, perhaps, Champions and Europa League, a tournament in which the real owners are the club. ”

The third time, an intimate film where rugby is the backdrop for stories about problematic: the young man just out of reform school (and risk prison), his social worker (Stefano Cassetti, the former “Roberto Juice”) and the daughter of the latter. They tell complicated family dynamics and a relationship of respect and friendship that comes from strong tensions. A story about how you stand up after having received the blows of life. A very classical narrative, however, placed in the right place: the Roman province, the hinterland of Lazio that fascinates with its color and atmosphere. Rhythm and ambience that almost seem to come from a typical American independent film with landscapes from trouble subway, where, however, the problems are equally complex.