They spend much of US tourists and Russian ones and now are mostly individual tourists. Are Chinese tourists for which Italy is the most popular destination, and that during the Expo Milan should get to touch one million arrivals. The rising trend of visas (345 000 2013) is around 11%, and more than half of them relates to individual tourists. But the problems to be solved are many: first use of the internet from airports, hotels, shops where they go shopping. And more information and indication in the Chinese language, the security, the ability to identify routes besides the traditional ones that take them above all to visit Venice, Rome, Milan and Florence. Problems and opportunities that were discussed during the Italy-China Tourism Forum: “Dynamics and trends of Chinese tourism to Italy”, organized by Assoturismo collaboration with Italy-China Foundation, ItalyChinaTourism, IFCOT and SuperTO.
“Among the countries of the Schengen area, Italy is the destination most coveted by tourists from China. The Italian tourist system must work to provide Chinese visitors the chance to live with ever greater satisfaction and serenity their stay in our country – said the president of Assoturismo Claudio Albonetti – China is now the number 1 in the world in number of tourists and this rise continues overbearing determining an expense that has already impressive and will grow again this year amounting to around $ 130 billion. ”
“Chinese tourists – said in his speech, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of China Wu Cong – are increasingly attracted by the small and large Italian beauties, as well as the tradition of fashion and food and wine of your country. But there are a few tour guides who speak Chinese, as well as scarce information material about monuments and places of interest. ”
The forum was also the occasion for the official presentation of the project in Italy certification CSF, ie the only Chinese certification of quality for the reception of Chinese tourist recognized by the governing China National Tourism Administration (CNTA).
“In 2013 – said Melinda Brindicci National Office of Tourism of China in Italy – Italian tourists in China were 251 162, while arrivals of Chinese tourists in Italy reached 477 967: can we talk about interesting results but we can do much more, how to improve the reception of Chinese tourism in Italy and closer, more, the Italian traveler towards unknown destinations Chinese “.
“The reception to the Chinese tourist is always higher in terms of quality, taking into account – added Andrea Hemp Foundation Italy-China – that it is a visitor with a ticket average of 1,041 euro. Moreover, the average income of Chinese tourist who is in Europe and in Italy 80% of cases is higher than the average Italian. It must also take account of the average level of education that is growing all starting with the university degree in possession of 39% of those who are in Italy. Also interesting is – continued Hemp – familiarity with new technologies. Not only in China, there are now more than 600 million Internet users, but there are 450 million mobile users, 200 million Chinese who use WeChat and 20 billion apps downloaded in just 2013. In addition, more than 95% of the Chinese population in cities are registered on social media. All this – he concluded – should suggest to the Italian tour operators the need to keep up and to offer services that meet the demands of Chinese tourists on this side. “