An Italian student is the new web star of China. Carlo Dragonetti, 24, has conquered the oriental social thanks to a speech given at his graduation ceremony at the Normal University of China. Not just any speech, but articulated in Chinese (with authentic Shanghai dialect) and with ironic words that have swept the public. In two minutes he managed to impress the eight thousand people present at the ceremony. A success that has been amplified on social media, where the video of the speech has become viral on Weibo (the local Facebook) totalizing, wrote Dragonetti on his Facebook profile, one hundred million views. The student was even interviewed by Chinese state TV.

It was Dragonetti himself who told, in amazement, his sudden celebrity. “Something incredible happened to me – he wrote on Facebook – when I gave a speech in Chinese for my university’s degree ceremony in front of 8,000 people, it was exciting but above all exhilarating from the first moment when I started by saying … Oh well I’ll tell you to do, it was in Chinese! In any case this is not even the most amazing thing: today after only 24 hours the video of my speech has become viral throughout China and reached on weibo (the Chinese Facebook ) more than 100 million total views across all the pages that have published it, almost twice the size of the entire Italian population! ”