MARADONA FORGET Pele: The greatest ever? “I, DI STEFANO, MESSI”

“Messi is a phenomenon and certainly do not have to be the one to find out.” Professes admiration for the number 10 of Barcelona, Diego Armando Maradona, who “in the podium of the best in history” places “three Argentines, Di Stefano, Maradona and Messi.”

“Let’s face that Messi his career, and we do not talk if it will or not the largest in history,” said the former national coach biancoceleste, remembering that thanks to Alfredo Di Stefano, Leo Messi and the same ex ‘pibe de oro ‘
“Argentines have to stay calm.”

In a lengthy interview with ESPN, Maradona then recalled playing for Napoli against Udinese in 1985, in which Zico confronted him on the field immediately after a goal with his hand from Diego. “If you’re an honest man, then confesses to the referee to have scored in an irregular manner,” said Zico. The reaction of Maradona – he said the same Diego – was to shake his hand ‘appearing’ in the following words: “Enjoyment, Diego Armando are dishonest.”

Maradona also emphasized that the football world is dominated by the success: “Nobody gives you anything and if you can have an advantage, try to get it.” A year after that event, the World Cup of Mexico, during the match against England, Maradona was the star of the famous ‘Hand of Dios’, the goal scored by hand deceived the referee.