A full game of ex: the coach of Bologna was to Napoli before Mazzarri, Gabbiadini played in the Rossoblu team, Demaili was guarding the blue midfield, Diawara the last purchase of De Laurentiis and Sarri shone between Bologna last season. So many reasons but especially this game we need to understand what the Napoli is strong.
A few minutes to take steps to Bologna and blue go through Callejon. In Naples in attack with Spanish playing Gabbiadini and Lorenzo Insigne. Neapolitans wasted a lot. In the second half Bologna tries, the defense of Naples has sudden amnesia so that eventually may little Pepe Reina on the green shoot. But just a few minutes, comes Milik instead of off Gabbiadini and Napoli dall’imbambolamento comes out and makes goals. The Azzurri are back in the lead. Enter Allan instead Jorginho who spent a lot and it’s the action that has put a beautiful ball and chain of Lorenzo Insigne nutmegged the keeper but blatantly wrong. Soon after the Bologna who tries but the defense mulling a po’allontana. Then Arkadiusz Milik at 34 ‘, minute to remember, is repeated with a number of high-class football and is 3-1. Then it was the turn of Zielinsky: try the solo but Kraft him down and was sent off