Naples, what a pity! In Paris Ancelotti climbs into the chair, Insigne and Mertens scare for PSG by Neymar and Mbappè to equalize in the recovery minutes

Park of the Princes, Paris. Beautiful evening. The Naples of Carlo Ancelotti is on stage. The PSG wants all the stakes to secure the passage of the turn. Naples does not want to be a sacrificial lamb. Ancelotti has a light but very technical attack: Callejon, Insigne and Mertens. Milik leaves the bench. On the other side there is the trio of wonders: Mbappè, Neymar, Cavani. A minute passes and the Psg immediately shows the muscles. Very long throw to the right for Mbappe who stops the ball, skips Koulibaly and puts in the middle.

 Allan. Inexhaustible scooter, man “everywhere” of the blue midfield capable of offensive plots and great coverage in defense [/ caption]

The defense of save. At the fifth minute Marquinos enters with a hammer on Mertens, the referee sees only a yellow. At 6 minutes is Cavani who beats to the side, on the fly, a cross from Neymar. Napoli tries to do the usual pressing very high to keep away the Psg, but you need a supplement of physical effort not indifferent against samples such as the French. And above all, it is necessary that the three Napoli strikers give the usual proof of great generosity, often coming back to help defensively and in midfield. At 17 minutes Cavani flies to the left and beats to the net, Ospina saves. Psg increases the pressure. On the stands cheering generous of the Parisians, you can also hear the choirs of the Neapolitans (there are more than 5 thousand), you can also notice some banners of the torcida parigina written in Neapolitan: “welcome and frate nuoste napulitane”. At 23 minutes from the left cross of Mario Rui, in the center touch of flat Mertens. Full cross. Very clear opportunity for goals. Napoli plays in fluency, with great personality. At 25 minutes is still the Naples that with Callejon hits the net, the goalkeeper is careful.

 Dries Mertens. Beautiful game, great sacrifice also by the Belgian champion for his defensive returns [/ caption]

And at the 28 minute the goal comes. Callejon’s deep throws, Lorenzo Insigne with a touch from below jumps the goalkeeper and takes Napoli ahead. At the minute 35 another ball for Insigne that touches from underneath Callejon can not place the ball. Great personality of Napoli players. At 37 Neymar launches Mbappè deep into the net, Ospina is very careful. From the technical area Carlo Ancelotti skilfully handles the returns of Callejn, Insigne and Mertens to lend a hand. At 46 minutes it is always Insigne who is freed in the area in an overly angled position on the left. The shot does not work well. Great Naples. Great first half. Second half with the Psg that starts to rocket, as early in the game. At 49 minutes just before the occasion with Mbappè shooting at the net, Ospina deviates. Cavani arrives at an empty door, but he was off-side. A minute passes and the PSG is still dangerous with Mounier’s head. He leaves the Insigne camp, has problems with the breastbone, can not breathe from the pain. It goes to make sure that his friend Verratti is well.

 Lorenzo Insigne. It is the true strength of Naples in difficult times. No business is impossible for him [/ caption]

Piotr Zielinsky enters. It pushes the Psg strong, it resists with order the Napoli that tries also to make counter-attack. At 16 minutes, just when the Napoli seems to have taken the measures, an own goal by Mario Rui arrives. An unfortunate detour that puts Ospina out. Naples must softer. The PSG seems to have taken courage after the draw. In 75 minutes Cavani comes out, Draxler enters. Napoli fans are heard. The offensive push of the PSG stops, Napoli seems more in the ball and 76 minutes Dries Mertens, on a carambola, steals a ball and puts it inside. Napoli returns in the lead. At minute 81 Ospina deflects a nice free-kick from the edge of Neymar in the corner. Napoli holds up against the violent impact of Psg. Defends with order and try to start again with his attackers. The referee grants 5 minutes extra time. Allan plays a part