For once the Napoli plays before Juventus thanks to the snowfall that has covered the stadium of the bianconeri. So it is up to the Azzurri to win and consolidate the position. On the bench there is Milic, the defender just arrived at Naples, in the stands an exceptional fan: the starred chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo supporter of the first hour of the Azzurri.
Napoli starts attacking, with a Jorginho in great shape to set the first game for Callejon then for Insigne that do not materialize.
Immediately after it touches Cagliari with Pavoletti who manages to escape from Albiol but the shot is slow and central, no thought for Reina.
The Napoli attack sees Callejon centered because Mertens has two defenders on him and does not always manage to escape the grip. In difficulty Koulibaly in these first minutes with Han that often escapes him.
At 13 ‘great opportunity for Mertens but his shot is deflected in a corner. On developments in the corner the Belgian is held in the area, it is a penalty kick but the referee does not see and even calls the VAR. Then it’s the Korean Han who sets up a nice action but there’s Reina.
A few moments passed and Hysaj stubbornly held the ball, assists for MErtens that from a difficult position touches the outside post. The Napoli continues to produce a great amount of play but the attackers pass the ball between them and lose the right moment. But at 29 ‘an incredible Allan snatches the ball to the rossoblu and if the door to the edge of the field then serves Callejon that this time is not wrong. And Napoli is ahead. Immediately after the referee a yellow card to Koulibaly rolling on Han without any malice. Yellow also for Barella who commits a bad foul on Mario Rui, an unsportsmanlike behavior.
At 42 ‘Napoli doubles with Dries Mertens on Hysaj’s assist and continues to play the game, offering a show also in the recovery with Insigne and the Belgian who duets: only these actions are already worth the ticket price for Cagliari citizens.
The recovery begins with Napoli still on the attack. The foul on Mertens of Castain was bad: he risked hurting the Belgian but this time the referee Giacomelli did not notice.
At 16 after an insistent pressing with assist by Lorenzo Insigne is Hamsik to score the third goal of Napoli. Exit Mertens after suffering yet another foul not seen by the referee and enter Zielinski. At 71 ‘a blatant hands in the area of ​​Castain finally convinces Giacomelli to give a penalty to Napoli. Insigne transforms and is 0 to 4 for the Blues. A few moments pass and Napoli touches the fifth goal twice. This team is really strong: they are all 8 in report card, no one excluded. Meanwhile Jorginho comes out for Diawara and Hysaj for May. At the last minute Mario Rui makes the fifth goal.

Photos: @sscnapoli on Twitter
Photo: Antonino Cannavacciuolo by Angelo Ozzella