The exhibition “Topói”, or common places, also arrives in Ischia: the new collection of porcelain jewels with inserts in various materials (PVC, neoprene, copper pipes, remnants of ancient fabrics for preseparo) of the Caselli Institute of Naples.
The exhibition of jewelry designed by Valter Luca De Bartolomeis and handcrafted by the master potters and students of Caselli, with the collaboration of Sandra Dipinto, is part of a wider project to relaunch the production chain of ceramics and Capodimonte porcelain through the point of view of design. A research that invests in the intersection of crafts, fashion and design and leads the training and production towards the contemporary, towards an update of the expressive languages.
Inside the collection there are also some jewels dedicated to the island of Ischia, like real pieces of pine cone immersed in porcelain and gold paintings. Or like the delicious ampullas-pendant designed to contain a few drops of precious thermal water of Ischia.
The exhibition “topoi” is realized in collaboration with the Museum of Capodimonte and in the Museum Director, Sylvain Bellenger, has found a convinced supporter and with the Municipality of Ischia.
This line of jewels is a further opportunity for reflection on the possible new scenarios for ceramics and porcelain from Capodimonte. The project is therefore a piece of a much broader and more structured path. The Exhibition will be held in the days before Easter and until Tuesday after Monday in Albis at the Antiche Terme Comunali, the prestigious headquarters of the Municipality of Ischia.