THE “ECO” WORKS OF FELICE MEO ON EXHIBITION AT HOTEL MARINA 10 IN CASAMICCIOLA Felice Meo is an artist from Ischia who creates magnificent sculptures using waste material that he recycles carefully. Felice loves nature and walks, and collects the pieces of metal and iron from friends and shops and, putting them together patiently, realizes works of art. So bolts, disks, cylinders, brake calipers, car doors, old iron tanks and various metal parts, which usually find a place in landfills and represent a problem of waste disposal, come back to life after being cleaned, selected and assembled with taste and refinement by the Ischian artist, to take shape and become a contemporary harmonic, incredibly fluid, almost soft work of contemporary art. Able to amaze, to express an overwhelming force, to convey a clear concept of modernity and creativity with an immediate impact. Felice Meo’s sculptures want to celebrate a natural world that is increasingly crumbling, and to be an antidote to the folly of unbridled consumption. On July 20th the spaces of the Hotel Marina 10, the boutique & design hotel of Casamicciola Terme, will be the setting for the opening of the master Felice Meo entitled “Visioni e Passioni” which will start at 21:00. The exhibition will be set up from July 20th until September 30th. The “Visions and Passions” exhibition is born from the combination of pieces of old water tanks with iron wires that become hair of charming and sinuous women. With a look at the object, the artist’s mind begins to travel, until the right idea arrives and the inanimate object changes its shape and takes a new one. “Priority in my work has always been the relationship between the work and the space in which it is placed. In fact, sculpture is the realization of a “own” space within the greater space where one lives or moves. The work, when it transforms the place in which it is placed, has truly a testimonial value of its time, manages to embody a context, to enrich it with further layers of memory. The exhibition will be held at Hotel Marina 10, in the main square of Casamicciola. As soon as I saw the hotel I thought that my sculptures are in a magical place “.  Far from artistic circles, or academic circles, Felice Meo begins to give life to his creations in his house in the upper area of Casamicciola, an ‘atelier’ away from cultural centers or crazy commercial ideas. His most trusted collaborators and friends are not artists with extravagant clothes and unkempt hair, but ordinary people. They are the blacksmith, the plumber, the mechanic, always ready to lend a hand ‘gifting’ old slabs, boilers or friction plates and car parts such as doors and roofs, all recycled materials. After graduating in accounting, Felice Meo attended a course for the recovery and restoration of stone materials and, slowly, the first awards for his art arrived. But Felice is above all a self-taught person, he experiments with the art of creative recycling and his works are much appreciated. And this is precisely the strength of Felice Meo’s art: giving life to something inanimate. Recover a waste and cover it with dignity. Making beautiful, artistic and especially unique, what is usually considered rubbish, or a pile of wreckage. In fact, each work is a unique piece, the result of hours of selection, study and work. In his house in Casamicciola where there are his works, there is a frame with the family photo. There is his wife Rudh Anna, daughter Julia of 24 years and son Francesco of 22 years. “This is my family, the most beautiful sculpture and work of art I have made”. The Vernissage Presentation of the “Visioni e Passioni” exhibition Friday, July 20 at 21:00 Hotel Marina 10 boutique & design of Casamicciola Terme The exhibition is open from 20 July to 30 September