Le frittatine di Juve-Napoli

Something hot and tasty ready, here is what you need in front of the television to see Juventus-Napoli.

Obviously an aperitif: suggest a prosecco to combine with chips or bread and tomato’s or places. Then the crispy macaroni so you’re forced to get up too in the pre, during or after the match and here are two quick recipes.

Cherry tomatoes as an aperitif for 4 people

Cherry cherry quality 300 grams

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt to taste.

Basil two slices of bread the day before

Wash the tomatoes you care to choose beautiful hard, cut them into small pieces and place them in a bowl. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and add a handful of basil leaves into small pieces.

Prepare 4 cups from macedonia, preferably transparent, and chop the two slices of bread, drizzle a little oil and add the tomatoes. Serve cold and with a fork.

Crispy macaroni ingredients for 4 people

300 grams spaghetti or tagliatelle paglia e fieno

4 eggs

300 grams of fresh cheese

1 bunch Basil

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt to taste.

Pepper and lemon if you like

Cookie cutters of your favorite shapes

Boil water for pasta. Don’t forget the salt. Cook the spaghetti al dente. Put them in a bowl and whisk aside 4 eggs then pour over noodles. Add the chopped provolone, basil, pepper and grated lemon peel. Now heat a pan with a splash of olive oil, place the cookie cutters and pour the spaghetti. Heat right side below until you form the Crouton and then, using a spatula to turn the kitchen cookie cutters with crispy macaroni. A couple of minutes and will be ready. Prepare a sauce with extra virgin olive oil and finely chopped Basil and pour and a few drops just before serving. Bon appétit and … Forza Napoli!