An ad hoc pasta for the bagpipe bean, typical of Ischia, which is about to become PAT, which is the flag of the taste of the island of Ischia. The project was born between three friends: Nino Di Costanzo, chef, two Michelin stars with his DaNi Maison, testimonial of Kiton and his Ischia in the world; Giovanni Assante, owner of the pasta factory Gerardo Di Nola, the pasta of the great chefs, and Anna Maria Chiariello, journalist in love with Ischia, councilor for Communication of the municipality of the island.
So Nino Di Costanzo, chef but also artist – among the first in the world in this capacity for his dishes that seem to be works of art – has designed the sketch of the new pasta dedicated to Ischia. A format that recalls the Sardinian gnocchetto but smaller and more open in order to accommodate the bagpipes in it. Giovanni Assante-Gerardo di Nola will produce this format that will end up on the tables of Italians and not just with the bagpipe bean, a bean with exceptional properties, a healthy food, as certified by the research presented in Ischia during the General States of Agriculture with Coldiretti from the likes of Antonio Giordano, director of the Sbarro Institute of Philadelphia, Barbara Nicolaus director of the CNR of Pozzuoli, Rocco De Prisco and Giuseppina Tommonaro, always CNR.