Ruiz makes a goal for Insigne, Mertens doubles to the penalty spot, Rog enters and goes on the net: Udinese coat at Dacia Arena and Juventus closer

At the Dacia Arena in Udine, the usual turn over of Ancelotti. Outside Insigne because it is bruised, Hamsik also rests, in attack there are Mertens and Milik. Behind them, Verdi and Zielinsky. Center of the camp in Allan, inexhaustible engine of every offensive plot of the Naples and every action of defense. For the Azzurri there is no choice, to stay behind Juve must win and reduce the distance by taking advantage of the draw Juventus with Genoa. Two minutes pass and Naples is immediately forced to replace Verdi. After a small stroke, you feel a groin pain. Ancelotti does not waste time. Log in Fabian Ruiz. He takes the place and position of Verdi.
And at minute 13 the young Spaniard steals a ball on the half field, he moves towards the area of ​​Udinese, he feigns a cross but then with a shot to the right he rolls behind Scuffet. A masterpiece of ballistics. A goal at Insigne. Napoli always ahead, Udinese playing in the garage. At 22 minutes Udinese danger. Albiol loses a ball, Kevin Lasagna flies to the door, beats violently, Karenzis para in two times. At 31 minutes is Zielinsky who is freed in front of Scuffet but shoots to the side. At the end of the first half there are at least two clear scoring opportunities. One with Mertens who tries a beautiful shot after having jumped on the right wing two opponents. Ball of little to the side. Milik, on the other hand, twice misses the lead and puts two good crosses to the side. At minute 49 Naples is saved by a whisker. Second half is not beautiful. Napoli a little ‘more covered, Udinese that gives the impression of wanting to do something more to try to draw.

It is not a good game, Napoli takes a blow to a Udinese trying to get out of his area to balance the score with a Napoli that technically and tactically is superior. At 74 minute action Napoli striking several times to the net but the closed defense rejects every shot. Ancelotti pulls out of the Milik field and enters Marek Hamsik. He wants more possession of the ball. At the minute 84 great initiative on the right of Malcuit that jumps the opponent, goes down, puts in the center, Mertens beats to the net but an opponent takes it with his hand. It is rigor. Mertens goes on the bezel. The referee, however, asks the Var to ascertain whether his decision is right. Dries puts behind Scuffet. It is his goal number 71 in blue in the league. He reaches Higuain and Altafini among Napoli’s goalscorers. At minute 86 Rog enters, I miss the time to take a position that finds himself in front of Scuffet and scores. Game over. Now head and heart turned to Paris. There is a fundamental match with the Psg. The Champions goes through Paris.