The launch of the iPhone 6 and ‘was a cold shower for fans from China.
Despite its giant Asian factories to produce the iconic ‘the iPhone’ Apple and China is the main market of the Cupertino giant, the iPhone 6 is not available yet in fact the former Celestial Empire (except Hong Kong, where is on sale since last Saturday), since the government has not yet issued the necessary permits. It is a process that can take months and not everyone has enough patience. it is therefore necessary for those who do not want to wait, resort to the black market and maybe spend an amount greater than the list price, hoping not to run into counterfeit versions like the already infamous “special edition of Macao.”

To raise the money needed, writes the ‘South China Morning Post’, a student of University of Shanghai Songjiang decided to rent his girlfriend fellow singles who want a little ‘company. That you do not think of a carnal, but ‘. The ‘contract’ proposed by the young states that the ‘landlord’ can bring out to dinner or go out with the girl to study us together but explicitly excludes the possibility ‘that we go beyond a chaste evening with friends. The Chinese newspaper shows a photograph of the student out by the university, with a big sign in his hand that advertises the offer, ranging from 10 yuan to 500 yuan per hour for a whole month. The girl, he assured his ‘impresario’, would be willing.