The Look of The Year landed in Ischia for the world finale, and also comes to the delightful ancient village of Ischia Ponte, dominated by the Aragonese Castle, which will turn into a natural catwalk where beautiful models and models finalists of 2017 will lay for a shooting photos and videos. 70 girls and boys from all over the world will wear the dresses of fashion designers who will participate in the event that will end on Saturday evening at the Sports Hall, with the proclamation of the world-winner of the format that has seen in the gold-fashioned models such as Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, or the top of the beauty of the last 20 years. In the totally natural setting of the suggestive Celso Borgo, the protagonists will be photographed next to the wasps of the ’60s -’70 years made available by Vespa Club Island of Ischia in Via San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce. There will also be the legendary Calypso, the forerunner of the Microtaxi, which has distinguished the summers of sweet Ischitan life.
“My thanks to the Ischitans and friends of Ischia who have pledged for this international event to attract the success it deserves is not rhetorical. Without entrepreneurs, merchants, citizens who have supported and will endure some discomfort, it would not have been possible to organize this event that is part of the events this week with The Look of The Year group, animate the sweet start of Autumn on Ischia Island , allowing us to prolong the season ». So for the Councilor of Communication Anna Maria Chiariello, “our fellow citizens have allowed us to carry on a complex and important organizational machine for the image reflexes that will take place abroad and, with their collaboration, to do so at a cost zero for the municipal administration. Let me also thank those who, with great love and professionalism, have allowed us to organize “A walk to the Borgo”: one for everyone, our ambassador in the world Nino Di Costanzo, star chef and true world-class artist in the firmament of the food ».
“Quality events like this,” said Marianna Sasso, the chief of logistics, “do well in our area, especially in a delicate phase like this. We must be together to bring the beauty of Ischia to the world. ”
With the magical chef Nino Di Costanzo, two Michelin stars, the author of wonderfully good and beautiful dishes, there will be Giovanni Assante, patron of Gerardo’s Nola’s Gragnano pasta-maker, so much loved by the stars, who will cook the pasta with the zampognar beans, an Ischitan specialty , high protein content, to be valued and protected. And with Garden Fruit peppercorns with the flavors and colors of the garden and fruit, the scenic set pieces by Ettore Guarracino, the precious products of the Mini Caseificio Costanzo and Ischia Salumi, and with the participation of Mediterranean Cellars, Panificio Boccia, Branco and Kenon coffee.
At the event she participates with her accessories accessories dedicated to the colors of Ischia the fashion artist Bettina Buttgen.
The stage with the Vespe of the age is handled by the Vespa Club of Ischia.