It’s called futsal , but it is more commonly known as football 5 .

For the uninitiated and the skeptics who still consider him a ” little brother” – demanding and less – serious football , just remember that samples such as Pele and Ronaldinho started his career in futsal and probably arrived so high thanks the attitudes of play and the technical knowledge acquired through this sport.

The discipline has seen an explosion of interest in China , where it is valued for its speed and for the exaltation of the strategic possibilities of the physical endurance (more than just football ), and now begins to have followers even in areas where more deep-rooted football tradition : a clear example is the city of Naples.

In fact, this year the Final Eight ( national futsal tournament corresponding to the Italian Cup) between the teams of youngsters with the older legacy of football 5 as the Venetian ” Phoenix” and the Emilian ” Kaos ” , he qualified after a season unexpected success of the team, ” boarding C5″ , all Neapolitan group with extraordinary talent.

For boys Neapolitan , this qualification is a well-deserved – even – dream : in the beginning of the year had not even sure of being able to form the rose, and a few months later ( without losing the commitment and desire to have fun ) is found among the eight best teams in Italy .

Occasion, that of the Final Eight , to show the skill of the Neapolitans in this sport ” atypical ” but above all to demonstrate how beautiful projects , despite the difficulties , give you great satisfaction.