A lineup fielded to win proving that Maurizio Sarri Italy Cup keeps us all right: the trainer of Naples chose the players fitter and was rewarded immediately. To 5 minutes with a beautiful action by Gonzalo Higuain is Omar El Kaddouri to slide the door. After two more goals near misses touches to a bedazzled Mertens score. In twelve minutes is already 2 to 0. The Verona trial to appear in the area of Naples, but the Defense azzurra closes every gap. Napoli continues to go in the half Court of Verona who try to close the spaces but the handling of the ball is all with beautiful blues played by Mertens and Higuain but also helpless a good strong usually accompanies the Strinic Koulibaly.

At 25 minutes after a LOB over the goalkeeper’s arms scared for an accident to Gonzalo Higuain after a header lands probably hurt the ankle: gets up and falls into the field among the applause of the audience.

The 31 minute is still Mertens to arrive one step away from goal and repeats a moment later. A moment of inattention and Verona takes a cross with Cedillo with the result of making enrage Maurizio Sarri.

At the beginning of the recovery comes out David Lopez with a slight groin resentment and goes in his place Marek Hamsik. On the face of the game nothing new, it’s always the Naples to attack with Dries Mertens proving euro goal with a shot from 40 metres but did not succeed, the Verona is closed in your area. Then the doorman Coppola touches the ball with his hands, he couldn’t do that and it’s free kick for Napoli: Higuain hit a bad ball. Meanwhile, they entered in the San Paolo Stadium supporters of Verona, are 130 and it is the first time this has happened in several years.

Meanwhile the Neapolitans continue to look for the third goal, Higuain and Mertens understand themselves on the fly. In a minute and a half is Gonzalo Higuain to try three to make goals. three times, before his shot is walled in by a defender of Verone then on corner kick we try again and again …

In place of Allan enters the young Chalobah and 70 minute between the applause comes out even Gonzalo Higuain who gives way to Jose Maria Callejon likely will occupy the place in the center of the attack. A role he previously held.

Napoli continues to attack seems less incisive than in the first half but the umpteenth Mertens Sprint landed by the latter attorney to Napoli a penalty that Marek Hamsik is wrong and sends on the pole. But seconds after Jose Maria Callejon signed the third goal for Napoli. After a parade without foul by Pepe Reina the Blues is still Dries Mertens, nicknamed Ciro, to sow panic among the players of Verona with an incursion into the area. We try to score goals from distance and all pure Catlin Napoli continues to attack. The Verona try switching but finds Koulibaly on its way.

3-0: at the end the Blues they send home on Verona and pass the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italy. Inter will face lefties.